My name is Luise Linnemann Rasmussen. I live in the north part of Denmark together with my husband Kristian Olesen and our 9 labradors. We live on the countryside, spending most of our time with the dogs, training and competing. We have now and then a litter in the affix of “Kennel Moegelholt”, but most of all we like to work with our dogs.

I enjoy very much the training and I go for test and field trials in DK as well as abroad. I go as well for hunting and picking up in the season. I’m now running two young dogs and my bitch Pipa with whom I have been placed in working test, cold game, field trials and in 2016 3rd in the Danish Championship. Pipa has as well given me the pleasure to compete at the IWT twice and Chatswoth representing the Danish Retriever Club.

I was in 2016 educated as judge by the Danish Retriever Klub, now judging as A-judge. I’m as well member of the field trial committee.

I look very much forward to the German Cup, and to enjoy a lot of good dogs and nice people.

See you soon😊